– 10 Romantic Things to do in Paris –

Paris is more than ever the city of love.

Throughout the year lovers from all over the world join us to live unique moments. You will find in this article some inspiration to create magical memories of your stay in Paris. 

1. Rent a boat on the peaceful Daumesnil Lake

Where : Route de Ceinture du lac Daumesnil, Métro Porte Dorée (line 8)

When : from 10.a.m to 7.p.m (closed from December to Febreuary)

Price : 13€/hour for 2 people

« Peace and tranquility to earth »

First you have to take a small trip to the edge of Paris in order to reach the peaceful Bois de Vincennes, created between 1855 and 1866 by the Emperor Napoleon III. Even if it seems far from the center of Paris, you can easily ride your bike to the park. Daumesnil Lake is located in the center of the Bois de Vincennes, which is the second largest ‘green lung’, after the Bois de Boulogne. Their are two islands in the middle of the lack with a very wild vegetation, some really cutes bridges and mysterious architectural jewel called the « Temple of Love ».

The Atmosphere is just perfect to spend a romantic moment. Even during summertime the park is less crowded than most places in the center of Paris. Use this gateway to rest from the nose of the city.

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2. Watch the sunset from the top of Montmartre

Where : 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris – Metro Anvers (line 2)

When : During Sunset (or Sunrise)

Price : Free

« A breathtaking view »

You have two option to access the top of Montmartre. Either you start from Abbesses and you walk your way of to the top through typical & charming streets or you start from Anvers and you walk upstairs facing the magnificent Sacré Coeur Church. In both case when you arrive on Paris’ « balcony », which offers one of the most outstanding view of the city.

If you want to feel like a « local », make sure you have bought a bottle of rosé and two glasses to watch the sunset. You can take a seat on the highest stair of the church and enjoy the unique shades of pink, orange and blue covering all the buildings. After that you will not have anymore doubt : Paris is the city of Love.

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3. Drink a tea at the cosy Grande Mosquée

Where : 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Paris, 75005 Paris – Metro Place Monge (line 7)

When : From 9.a.m to 12.p.m

Price : 2€ for a cup of tea – 10€ for a shisha

« A Middle Eastern-style break »

The Grande Mosque was founded in 1926 as a token of gratitude, after World War I, to the Muslim tirailleurs from France’s colonial empire, of whom some 100,000 died fighting against Germany. The Mosque has some intimate gardens full of charm so if you want to have a walk before your Tea break, you can get access to the Mosque for 3€ (closed on Friday).

It is better to have a stop at the Tea lounge before 5.pm and to avoid week-ends if you do not want to wait for a table. Waiters are walking around with cups of tea and oriental pastries, you just have to take what you want. You will be charmed by the blue mosaic tables and the bohemian atmosphere. It is easy to meet people there because tables are closed to each other.

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4. Take a ride along the poetic river Seine

Where : Along the River Seine (From Métro Bir-Hakeim to Austerlitz)

When : Whenever you want

Price : 2,70€/h per person with Vélib’

« Ride like a local »

The easiest way to rent a bike is to reach one of the 1800 Vélib stations in Paris. There are so many stations that you can barely walk 100 meters without seing one of them. You only need a credit card and the renting process takes only 5 minutes.

Once you are on your bike, you go reach the docks of the river Seine at the south side of the Bir-Hakeim bridge which is architecturally very interesting. Then you can start biking along the river toward the east. You will reach the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, ride under the Alexander III bridge, have an amazing view of Notre-Dames de Paris. During summertime you will find some nice open-air bars along the way.

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5. Have a photo session with a professional Paris photographer

Where : Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Bridge Alexander III, you choose

When : Generally better in the morning

Price : 200€ for 1h

« Create lifetime memories »

Forget about the selfie stick, put on your best outfit, meet a professional photographer in your favorite location in Paris and start creating your ultimate Paris « souvenirs ». You can choose a short session (between 30 minutes and 1h) in order to have some great shots in your favorite spot. But you can also choose a longer photo session in order to discover the city with your guide/photographer.

A photo session with a Paris Photographer is a good way to meet a local that will give you ideas to enjoy even more your stay in the city of love. Even if you are not used to being photographed they know how to make you feel confortable and make your pictures look natural.

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6. Kiss in front of the « I love you » Wall

Where : Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abesses, 75018 Paris – Metro Abbesses (line 12)

When : From 9.am to 5.30.pm

Price : Free

« Je t’aime »

The « I love you » wall is a place of reconciliation, a mirror which reflects an image of love and peace downtown Montmartre. With over 311 written declarations in 250 different languages, the wall is now a iconic place for lovers from all over the world.

The wall is located in a small square right next to the metro station Abbesses. You might wait a couple of minutes to have the wall for yourselves and have a kiss in front the 612 tiles of enamelled lava. After that you can try to find a message of love in your own language..

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7. Take a Macaron cooking class

Where : Their are a couple of cooking classes in Paris

When : Generally in the afternoon

Price : 60 to 130€/person

Like a Chef !

Egg whites, almond meal, caster sugar, icing sugar, a pinch of salt. Cooking your own macaron is not a big deal when you are in the hand a a French Chef. It will take less than 3 hour to see your little baby macarons going out of the oven.

A cooking class is also the perfect occasion to have fun with your beloved and to meet other people. If you do not like macaron you can choose a croissant cooking class. You can also have private lessons but it is much more expensive

Here are some companies which have macaron cooking classes : La Cuisine Paris, Cook’nwithclass, Le Foodist.

8. Watch Montmartre through the Big Clock of the Musée D’Orsay

Where : 1 Rue de la Légion d’Honneur, 75007 Paris – Métro Station Solférino (line12)

When : From 9.30.am to 6.p.m (closed on Monday)

Price : 12€/person to get inside the Museum

Look through Paris’ eye

In order to reach this unique peace of architecture, you have to go inside the Orsay Museum and reach the 5th floor. The clock is located at the beginning of the « Galerie des impressionnistes » among paintings of Monet, Renoir and other the pioneers of the impressionism mouvement.

Once you stand in front of this impressive clock, you can see right in front of you Montmartre hill and the Sacré Coeur Church. You can also have great view on the Hausmanian buildings which stand along the famous Rivoli street. It will feel like you have Paris for yourselves..

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9. Get scared at Le Manoir

Where : 18, Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris – Métro Station Poissonnière (line 7)

When : Friday (6 to 10.pm) Saturday & Sunday (3 to 7.pm)

Price : 25€/person 

Go for the thrill !

Be prepared to live a unique experience. From the outside you will hear some strange sound and see some weird monsters. Do not worry, everything is fine and you are at the right place. Welcome to the unique Manoir de Paris.

You might get stuck in the line for a long time wandering what is inside. Once you have entered the Manoir, you cannot go back. You just follow a kind of path which lead you to various horror scenes. You quickly forget that monsters are actors and you general keep your partner’s hand during the whole time. What a great opportunity to spend half an hour in the arms of your beloved !

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10. Get lost sailing on the Canal de l’Ourq

Where : 37 Quai de la Seine, 75019 Paris – Métro Station Stalingrad (line 2)

When : From 10.am to 9.pm

Price : 40-90€ for 2 people (depending on the time you rent the boat)

Let’s go Captain!

Paris’ canals are generally not very known by tourists. Once you have reached the Bassin de la Vilette you can easily rent a small boat and hang out in this bohemian & romantic neighboorhood using multiples leaks. The company Canal d’eau douce (the only one) rents electric boats which can be sailed without any license.

For a 2 hours of navigation, you will be allowed to sail out of the Bassin de la Villette and reach the Canal de l’Ourcq. You can pass in front of the Rotonde Ledoux and be allowed to pass under the lifting Crimée Bridge. Finally, you will navigate through the Parc de la Villette (where you can see the Cité des Siences, the Géode, the Great Pantin Flour Mills, etc.) and continue your cruise on the canal getting ahead of the Dance National Center and the Former Customs House to reach the Bergère Park.

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